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Our generation is in a weird place. We’re young enough to be adapted to technology but old enough to remember what it was like growing up without it. Today, it isn’t uncommon to see elementary school kids with iPhones or even toddlers kept occupied in a restaurant by the colorful screen of an iPad. Continue reading

Raw Artists at a RAW Event


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RAW is a community of up and coming artists that provides patrons like myself the chance to learn about their work and mingle alongside them. The event showcases all types of art, from paintings to jewelry, to clothing. RAW hosts shows all over the world, ensuring that no two shows will ever be exact. Continue reading

An Interview with David Tomas Martinez!


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Hustle provides readers with his experiences as a young miscreant in San Diego. Stealing cars, participating in gang activity, and roaming the streets for trouble are just some of the life events that he had to master in order to put himself on the right track. With that lifestyle far behind him, David reflects on his past through his poetry. Continue reading